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Zoe Carter
Imperfect Endings is articulate and exceptionally written, focusing on humor and emotional honesty. It's quite a wonderful experience to read about Margaret's life and, in the end, (the book) becomes a tribute to a lovely woman who made a brave choice. One promise I'll make is that if you read this, you will never forget it.
Melanie Smith (BookReporter)

First-time memoirist Zoe FitzGerald Carter couldn't have explained it better. She incorporates dark humor and raw sympathy while raising difficult questions. With each chapter, we read the emotions that Zoe, her sisters, and her mother goes through. This touching memoir is a great book club pick. 
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Bay Area Bookgroups -- please let Zoe know if you'd like to have her meet with your group. Bookgroups in other parts of the country can also contact Zoe about being in touch by phone or email. Click here to email Zoe.


Dear Readers,

         One of the really great things about publishing this book has been the opportunity to meet and talk to so many of you, whether at readings or conferences or while visiting book clubs. I have also been thrilled at how many of you have contacted me through my website. I keep every one of these emails and try to respond to all of them. My sincerest thanks go out to each and every one of you who took the time to write to me!
         I’d like to invite any readers who are interested in sharing their story, giving me feedback, or discussing any of the issues raised in my book to get in touch with me. I am also available to talk to book clubs either by phone or by Skype, and if your book club is in the greater Bay Area, I am more than happy to come in person.

         I can be reached by email. I look forward to hearing from you!
         With love and good wishes,