Book groups

Extra Credit

1. Margaret, Zoe and Suzanne talk about Margaret becoming a bird and dropping feathers for them. Have you ever received a sign from a friend or relative who has passed on? If not, would you want to? Do you believe in such things? What do you think the feather and the bird represent? 

2. Margaret is a member of the Hemlock Society. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the beliefs and work of the Society, visit The “Student Kit” outlines the basics of the Society. 

3. Research the cases of right-to-die activist Jack Kevorkian, also known as “Dr. Death,” who was imprisoned for eight years for assisting suicide. Do you believe doctors should be able to help patients die? If physician assisted suicide was legal would this have made Margaret’s death easier for her and her family? 

4. Zoe uses running as a means to relieve stress and feel alive. Is there some activity that helps you cope with stress in your life and makes you feel more in control? Discuss and plan an outing or activity with your group --  cooking, taking a hike, going to a movie, etc.